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From "log4cxx" <log4...@gallandfamily.com>
Subject Re: Localization
Date Thu, 15 Dec 2005 15:56:40 GMT
Hi Curt,

Thank you for the detailed response. The reasons that I would like to use resource bundles
for localizing logging output are:
1) We already have a mechanism to uniquely identify messages, outside of the text themselves,
for use in debugging. So this is not an issue.
2) My company has made it mandatory to log Fatal, Error, and Warn messages using localized
I won't say which is the more driving force.

However, in looking over the l7dtestcase.cpp, it seems that the resource bundle approach is
not thread specific, as a resource bundle has to be set on the root logger. If this is the
case, this approach would not be sufficient for us.

I will continue to look into possible approaches for our group. Thank you again for your email.


On 12/14/05, Curt Arnold <carnold@apache.org> wrote:

    log4cxx wrote:

    >I'm writing to see if anyone has information regarding using localization with log4cxx.
I've been working with the 0.9.8 code base from 09/27, where at least some of the l10n code
is #if 0'ed out.
    >My questions are:
    >1) Is l10n work in progress? stalled? finished?
    The migration to Unicode and APR broke the existing resource bundle
    code.  It is on the checklist for the next release but no one is
    currently working on it at the moment as far as I am aware.

    >2) Is there a guide to using it? I've only worked with log4j a little, so I don't
have experience with l10n that I can transfer over. Specifically,
    >  3) where can I get locale information programmatically?
    >  4) Can the current locale be set per thread?
    >  5) What are the 'best practices' in terms of performance (smaller keys?) vs. fall
back behavior (english keys that make sense to the user if the resource bundle can't be found)?

    I don't think that resource bundles are the most effective way to
    accomplish localization of diagnostic messages.  There have been some
    fairly long discussions on this in the jakarta commons mailing list, but
    I can find an archive for it at the moment.  Basically, I like regular
    expression post processing for a number of reasons as a more effective
    mechanism.  Will try to find a link when I return from ApacheCON.

    >Lastly, it seems that this list has been very quiet as of late. Is 0.9.8 work still

    We've recently added another committer.  At the moment, I personally am
    working more on log4j since there are things that need to be fixed there
    to port over to log4cxx, but definitely want to get back to log4cxx.
    Hopefully will see some progress over the holidays.

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