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From "log4cxx" <log4...@gallandfamily.com>
Subject Re: Localization
Date Wed, 14 Dec 2005 17:18:56 GMT

I'm writing to see if anyone has information regarding using localization with log4cxx. I've
been working with the 0.9.8 code base from 09/27, where at least some of the l10n code is
#if 0'ed out.

My questions are:
1) Is l10n work in progress? stalled? finished?
2) Is there a guide to using it? I've only worked with log4j a little, so I don't have experience
with l10n that I can transfer over. Specifically,
  3) where can I get locale information programmatically?
  4) Can the current locale be set per thread?
  5) What are the 'best practices' in terms of performance (smaller keys?) vs. fall back behavior
(english keys that make sense to the user if the resource bundle can't be found)?

Lastly, it seems that this list has been very quiet as of late. Is 0.9.8 work still progressing?

Thanks for any and all information!

On 6/3/05, maryline royer <maryline.royer@alcatel.fr> wrote:


    I used to do localization with log4cxx-0.9.7.

    I have reintroduced this feature in the cvs version of mai 2005. I have
    tested my work. I send you the modified files :  just look if you are
    interested by my proposal ...

    Best regards.

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