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From Lev Lvovsky <lis...@sonous.com>
Subject unused precompiler directive for syslog functionality
Date Wed, 09 Nov 2005 22:03:47 GMT

In RE to my email yesterday about the syslog functionality of log4cxx  
not working on Mac OS X (10.4.3):

My system has the "syslog.h" header for syslogd logging  
functionality, and subsequently upon looking for the code, there're  
some tests for this file:

Using the latest 0.9.8 source the precompiler directive  
"LOG4CXX_HAVE_SYSLOG" is initially defined in the "include/log4cxx/ 
private/log4cxx_private.h" header file, however the header file  
cannot be included in other source without "-DLOG4CXX_TEST" or "- 
DLOG4CXX" being added to the compiler options, else the following  
message shows up:

#error "log4cxx/private/log4cxx_private.h should only be used within  
log4cxx implementation or tests"

By implementation, does that mean 'whenever I'd like to use  
log4cxx'?  Otherwise, the following block in syslogappender.cpp,  
which actually invokes the syslog() function doesn't get entered...

     261 #ifdef LOG4CXX_HAVE_SYSLOG
     262         if (sw == 0)
     263         {
     264                 std::string sbuf;
     265                 Transcoder::encode(msg, sbuf);
     267                 // use of "%s" to avoid a security hole
     268                  ::syslog(syslogFacility | event->getLevel()- 
     269                         "%s", sbuf.c_str());
     271                 return;
     272         }
     273 #endif

As a stopgap, I "#define LOG4CXX 1", and "#include <log4cxx/private/ 
log4cxx_private.h>" in the "syslogappender.h" header file before the  
"LOG4CXX_HAVE_SYSLOG" precompiler variable gets checked.  I'm  
assuming there's either something wrong in the way I'm doing things,  
or there's something wrong in the header files.


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