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From "Steck, David" <david.st...@lmco.com>
Subject RE: Using logstream with std::string
Date Mon, 25 Jul 2005 12:27:33 GMT
An update:

I was able to define the following function in my own header (in the global namespace) that
enabled me to use strings with logstream.

inline log4cxx::logstream& operator<<(
  log4cxx::logstream& lhs,
  const std::string& rhs)
  lhs.getStream() << rhs.c_str();
  return lhs;

Again, though, I don't know the costs of using .c_str(), and this seems like a round-about
way of fixing this.


-----Original Message-----
From: Steck, David 
Sent: Friday, July 22, 2005 12:57 PM
To: Log4CXX User
Subject: Using logstream with std::string

Hi all,

I am just starting to use log4cxx and happened across the logstream class.  This seems like
a wonderful idea (vs. fixed string macros).  Unless there are reasons I don't know about,
I intend to use this class to replace all my cout statements, and I'll skip using the standard
macros all together.

But, looking a little at the mailing list archives, it sounds like there are still issues
with the logstream class.  In particular, I've run into the same problem outputting strings
that was described in the messages sent 6/6/05 and 6/7/05, with subject "Status of stream.h?".

My approach has been to append .c_str() to all my strings, which works fine, but I don't know
what the consequences (performance, etc.) of this are, and it feels like a kludge.

Has any progress been made in this area?  Has anyone written a function to allow strings to
be output with logstream?

Thanks in advance,

BTW, I agree with Andreas' suggestion to rename stream.h to logstream.h.  In my case, it would
have helped me find the source file, logstream.cpp, more easily.

Also, I would currently prefer to use logstream over a parameterized printf()-style function

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