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From Andreas Fester <Andreas.Fes...@gmx.de>
Subject Re: milliseconds
Date Mon, 18 Jul 2005 19:47:10 GMT
Hi Allen,

Conway Allen wrote:
> Thanks for your reply, Andreas. The problem must be my making - I
> carried over a pattern that I have been using with the 0.9.7 which is
> %d{%d-%b %H:%M:%S,%Q}. Up until now this has worked - it is even
> documented in the PatternLayout class description! I see that writing
> %d{dd-MMM HH:MM:SS,SSS} gives me what I want. Where is that way of
> specifying the date+time format documented please? Have I always been

it seems that time format specification was different in 0.9.7.
In 0.9.8, it is consistent with log4j which allows to use the same
set of format specifiers as the java SimpleDateFormat class.
I checked the 0.9.8 patternlayout implementation and adjusted
the documentation accordingly (patch attached).

Best Regards,


Andreas Fester
WWW: http://littletux.homelinux.org
ICQ: 326674288

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