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From Andreas Fester <Andreas.Fes...@gmx.de>
Subject Re: milliseconds
Date Sat, 16 Jul 2005 20:49:22 GMT
Hi Allen.

can you be more specific with your issue? Where do you
intend to use the %Q format element? At least in the pattern
layout, millisecond resolution seems to work well: I tried
something like

%-5p - %m%n

The SSS are the milliseconds, and they are printed well:

  22:45:42.443 DEBUG - Message 0

Just post one or two lines of code which show your issue :-)

Best Regards,


Conway Allen wrote:
> Hello,
> It doesn't look as though you can get milliseconds in time strings with 
> the 0.9.8 on Unix because, as far as I can see, apr_strftime is used and 
> that is just a front for strftime which of course just works with 
> seconds. So the documented %Q format element is just treated like 
> run-of-the-mill characters and not interpreted.

Andreas Fester
WWW: http://littletux.homelinux.org
ICQ: 326674288

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