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From "Alexandre Gacon" <alexandre.ga...@masagroup.net>
Subject RE : Some problems with MSVC versions of Log4Cxx
Date Mon, 25 Jul 2005 10:04:51 GMT
> I assume you have put log4cxx inside a LIB or DLL of yours, and then you
are using another project which references this LIB/DLL. Am I right?

You're right.

> I get this message in my DLL mentioned above.
> In my DLL, I put "#pragma warning(disable:4251)" and "#pragma
warning(default:4251)" around the member variable or function causing the
warning. This > will suppress the annoying messages.

> As far as I know, it is "safe" to ignore this warning.
> I receive the warning for anything which is used in the DLL, but not
exposed with "__declspec(dllexport)".

> In your case, "std::vector<_Ty>" is used by log4cxx, but not exposed to
clients of your LIB. You don't need to use "__declspec(dllexport)" in the >
variable/function which type is "std::vector<_Ty>", as far as it is an
internal log4cxx variable/function (now inside your LIB), and not used
directly > used by your client project.

But is this not a clue to find the memory leak ? Or is it Visual which can
not find where the desallocation is done ?


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