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From "Alexandre Gacon" <alexandre.ga...@masagroup.net>
Subject Developping a new Appender
Date Fri, 01 Jul 2005 13:28:53 GMT

I would like to develop a new Appender to be able to send my log messages to
a Qt Widget.

After several tries, I can not find the way to do it such as it works.

First, I made my MyAppender class inherits from AppenderSkeleton. Is this
correct ?
I add the different macros I saw in the differente appender classes
All compiles fine but when I try to execute my application, it crashes
during the init of the static object representing the class in
the log4cxx part.

So I tried to develop my class without using the macro. My application
crashes when I post an event : the MyAppender object I created and
I added to the root logger is invalid.

Does anyone have an idea ?

Alexandre Gacon

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