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From Pedro Monjo Florit <pedro.mo...@futurlink.com>
Subject Re: Installation
Date Wed, 15 Jun 2005 16:10:39 GMT
Hi Andreas,

>> I have succesfully compiled log4cxx CVS HEAD, using the ant build 
>> system. The next problem I am facing is installation. With version 
>> 0.9.7, there was the traditional *nix method of "configure", "make" 
>> and "make install", so it was fairly easy to install everything and even 
> This should still work with 0.9.8, even though there are currently some
> issues which are being worked on.
> If you are interested: I have set up the creation of a daily dist
> tarball at
> http://littletux.homelinux.org/log4cxx/
> It is identical to the CVS head, but contains some patches which have
> not been committed yet (basically regarding the configuration of
> logchar). Using the package provided at the above link, you should be
> able to use ./configure ; make ; make install
> Simply make sure that the APR and APR-UTIL libraries can be found,
> possibly by passing the appropriate --with-apr=PATH parameters to
> configure.
> Also, I compiled the package yesterday and found an issue when using the
> default value UTF8 for logchar; I had to use --with-logchar=WCHAR
> to successfully build everything.
>> create RPM packages (I am using SuSE Linux). Since this method is 
>> deprecated in 0.9.8 and, in fact, does not work, how do I install the 
>> whole log4cxx once it is compiled? Is there an easy way to create RPM?

Thank you very much for your help. I have been able, finally, to compile 
using configure && make. I have even created RPMs for SuSE 9.2.

Just for the record, I will explain how I did it, in case anybody else 
has the same problem. Keep in mind that this is only for SuSE 9.2.

1. Install libapr1 and libapr-util1 from 
ftp://ftp.suse.com/pub/projects/apache/, both runtime and development 

2. From YaST, install cppunit, cppunit-devel, openldap-devel and db-devel.

3. Execute configure with the following parameters:

$ ./configure --with-apr=/usr/bin/apr-1-config 
--with-apr-util=/usr/bin/apu-1-config --with-logchar=WCHAR

4. Finally, "make && make install"

By the way, why does "apu-1-config --libs" return that ldap and db-4.2 
are needed?



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