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From Curt Arnold <carn...@apache.org>
Subject Re: __stdcall ?
Date Tue, 10 May 2005 04:46:22 GMT
Likely that you will have to link with a static library.  You shouldn't 
place log4cxx.dll in system32 since we have not reached the point of 
promising binary compatibility between versions.  Since a .msi is 
likely a DLL itself (though I haven't checked that), the path is 
controlled by the calling application, in this case "Microsoft 
Installer" and the location of the .msi file is immaterial.  You 
shouldn't be using the "d" (debug) version either.  There are some open 
bugs with static linking on Microsoft, basically some appenders that 
were expected to be forced into the link are dropped for some reason.

I suspect that the only thing that is required to be __stdcall are the 
methods exposed in the .msi to be used by Microsoft Installer.  The 
calling conventions in method calls within the .msi file should not be 

On May 9, 2005, at 7:27 PM, Owen Corpening wrote:

> The only way I have gotten it to work is by copying log4cxxd.dll to
> system32.
> "Owen Corpening" <ocorpening@acornsys.com> wrote in message
> news:d5nqph$e2f$1@sea.gmane.org...
>> I am writing some installation code, and wanted to include logging in 
>> it.
> Do
>> I have to install lib4cxxd.dll before I can use it?
>> Do I just add it to the PATH? or LIBPATH?
>> The code used in a .msi must be __stdcall, does that have an effect? I
>> haven't crossed this bridge before. Here is my code:
>> extern "C" UINT __stdcall ValidateActuateiServerSettings(MSIHANDLE
> hInstall)
>> {
>> char ServerPort[MAX_PATH];
>> DWORD ServerPortLen = MAX_PATH;
>> BasicConfigurator::configure();
>> LoggerPtr rootLogger = Logger::getRootLogger();
>> LOG4CXX_INFO(rootLogger, "Entering ValidateActuateiServerSettings");
>> MsiGetProperty (hInstall, "ISERVERPORT", ServerPort, &ServerPortLen);
>> MsiSetProperty (hInstall, "PORTBUSY", ServerPort[0] == '1' ? "1" : 
>> "0");
>> LOG4CXX_INFO(rootLogger, "Exiting ValidateActuateiServerSettings");
>> return ERROR_SUCCESS;
>> }

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