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From "Chris Williams" <chris_d_willi...@yahoo.com>
Subject Solaris 10 and gcc update
Date Tue, 10 May 2005 01:07:01 GMT
Here are my results compiling on solaris 10 with gcc.  
The build line I used was: ant -Dapr.dir=/usr/local/apr
-Dcppunit.dir=/export/disk10/cppProjects/cppunit-1.10.2 -Dlogchar=utf8

I only got one error which was the following.  I think it might fail because
I am not using wchar_t but I will let someone else tell me if that is true
or not.

[exec] 1) test: CachedDateFormatTestCase::test9 (E)
[exec] uncaught exception of type std::runtime_error
[exec] - locale::facet::_S_create_c_locale name not valid

When I tried to build without the -Dlogchar=utf8 -Dhas.wchar_t=0 command
lines, I got the following link error.

    [mkdir] Created dir:
       [cc] 2 total files to be compiled.
       [cc] Starting link
       [cc] Undefined                   first referenced
       [cc]  symbol                         in file
       [cc] log4cxx::helpers::UnicodeHelper::encodeWide(unsigned int,
       [cc] log4cxx::helpers::UnicodeHelper::decodeWide(wchar_t const*&,

Any suggestions on what I could do to resolve this?


For those interested, here are the steps I took to compile logging-log4cxx
on Solaris 10.  This *might* work for those working on earlier versions of
Solaris.  I am using a stock Solaris 10 install with the Sun Freeware CD
installed which places a bunch of applications under /usr/sfw and /opt/sfw.
The version of gcc that I have installed is 3.4.2.

1) Downloaded and installed ant 1.6.3.
2) Fetch from CVS ant-contrib and built it.
3) Fetch from CVS cpptasks and built it.
4) I copied the jars from ant-contrib and cpptasks to the ant lib directory.
5) Download the expat package from www.sunfreeware.com and install it.
6) Download apr-1.1.0.  Run configure, make, and make install.
7) Download apr-util-1.1.0. Run configure with the following args:
--with-apr=/usr/local/apr --with-berkeley-db=/usr/local/BerkeleyDB.4.2
LDFLAGS="-R/opt/sfw/lib".  Then do a make and make install.
8) Download cppunit-1.10.2.  Run configure, make, and make install. 
9) Modified the build.xml to add <linkerarg value="-L/usr/local/lib"/> to
the following targets: build, build-example, build-socketserver,
build-unittest, build-standalone-unittest
10) Run ant -Dapr.dir=/usr/local/apr
-Dcppunit.dir=/export/disk10/cppProjects/cppunit-1.10.2 -Dlogchar=utf8

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