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From bruce...@sbox.tugraz.at
Subject CVC head not working under Windows?
Date Wed, 13 Apr 2005 10:43:46 GMT
I tried the ant build of the latest CVS head.
The build worked till dthe test part where I got an exception.

Then I used the DLL in my test appl, and found that an exception is thrown
in the folowing code fragment:

CharsetDecoder::CharsetDecoder(const char* frompage) {
  const char* topage = "WCHAR_T";
  const char* topage = "UTF-8";
  apr_status_t stat = apr_xlate_open((apr_xlate_t**) &convset,
     (apr_pool_t*) pool.getAPRPool());
  if (stat != APR_SUCCESS) {
    throw IllegalArgumentException(topage); // <== throws exception

So what does that mean?
Am I doing something wrong, is something missing, ....???

And another question: Is there also a way to build a release version of 
the DLL ?

Best regards

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