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From g.w.john...@jpmorgan.com
Subject NDC Stack problem with threads
Date Fri, 04 Feb 2005 20:09:24 GMT
I am attempting to use the NDC functionality in log4cxx with threads.

As I understand the documentation, each thread has its own NDC stack. If I 
wish information from
the main thread to appear in the child threads' NDC, I need to call 
with the return value from the parent's call to 

Since the child thread does not have access to the parent's call to 
cloneStack(), I decided to
pass the returned Stack pointer to the constructor of my thread class. I 
planned to inherit at the
point when the thread is actually started.

However, the log4cxx::NDC::Stack type used with these methods is private 
to the NDC class.
There is a log4cxx::Stack type that looks like it was designed to solve 
this problem, but it is
not the same type.

There appears to be no way to do what I need.

Am I missing something?

G. Wade
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