In response to your request for a poll, I wasn't sure if I should attempt to post to the mailing list (haven't ever done that) or send this directly to you.  I opted for the easier solution as I’m very new to the Apache forum techniques.


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We are in a bit of a chicken and egg syndrome, people won't check out 

the new changes in log4cxx until there is a release and we shouldn't be 

releasing software that hasn't been tested.  I would encourage as many 

people as possible to try the CVS version and log any issues that you 

have on the JIRA and mention whether you consider them to be 

showstoppers for a 0.9.8 release.


I haven’t figured out how to get the release out of CVS.  I read the [very terse] instructions, but haven’t gotten there.  I’ve already found several problems with DailyRollingFileAppender, which I understand is deprecated.  I’ll certainly make the effort to bring up 0.9.8(dev).


So, let me throw out a few questions for a poll.


A) Is the current CVS ready for a release (+1 - yes, 0 - haven't tried 

it/maybe, -1 no).  If 0 or -1 explain.


0 – 0.9.7 has problems I wouldn’t put in product, but those problems are obsolete.  I haven’t pulled over the new CVS code, so don’t know what to expect.  It’s on my medium-to-low priority list.


B) Should log4cxx encourage the Incubator PMC to finish up their vote? 



+1 – I’m trying to retire a home-grown logger and make things consistent with the Java group.  (I’m in Cincom Smalltalk connecting to the C/C++ world.)  If this works reliably, we may very well try to use this from Gemstone as well.


C) Should log4cxx petition the Incubator PMC for a sanction for a code snapshot?


+1 – If (B) fails, go for a code snapshot.


D) What platforms/compilers need to be tested before release/code 

snapshot: (list all that apply)


1.    x86 Linux/gcc

2.     Windows/Visual C++ 5

3.     Windows/Visual C++ 6

4.     Windows/Visual C++ 2001

5.     Windows/Visual C++ 2003

6.     Windows/Visual C++ 2005

7.     Windows/Borland (5.5 or CBuilderX)

8.      Cygwin

9.     MinGW

10.    FreeBSD

11.    NetBSD

12.    Mac OS/X

13.  x86_64 Linux/gcc

14.  x86_64 Windows/appropriate MS compiler

15. Others (plus describe)


Item 3 for Windows, plus HP/UX, possibly Solaris.  (I know we have development environments, but haven’t used them yet.)


E) What platforms are you able to test: (list all that apply)


Windows/XP SP1, HP/UX 11.11, possibly Solaris 8 (I don’t think we’re running 9, and don’t know if I have access to the server).  I still have a Windows/2K available, if you want that one.


F) What platforms have you tested (list all that apply)


Windows/XP SP1.



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