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From jw...@ilstechnology.com
Subject Re: timezone question
Date Tue, 18 Jan 2005 18:21:01 GMT

Thanks for the help, I'm running the 0.9.7 version since this is a
production level application, I'll be trying to move to 0.9.8 as soon as it
seems stable.  The 0.9.7 handling forces the use of GMT time unless
explicitly specified in the properties file to use another timezone.  I
looked at the 0.9.8 source (timezone.cpp) and the issue should be resolved
in the 0.9.8 tree.


--- Origonal Message ---

If the timezone is omitted, the default time zone will be used.  You
would only specify the timezone on an appender when you wanted to be
unaffected by the default timezone.

Timezone specification has been added to log4j, but in a slightly
different way.  Instead of timezone being a separate property of the
appender, it can be specified as the second parameter to the %d
conversion pattern.  For example, "%d{yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss}{GMT}Z %m %n"

Before 0.9.8, log4cxx will be modified to follow log4j's timezone
specification.  The JIRA issue is

On Jan 17, 2005, at 5:51 PM, jwert@ilstechnology.com wrote:

> Is there a way to set the timezone for ALL output from the
> application?  I
> can set the property for each appender in the properties file, but our
> software runs on an embedded device, and the user can change the
> timezone
> of the system.  I can't have them editing the properties file to
> change the
> timezone entires in it.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Jim

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