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From "Drapal, Myron E \(Myron\)" <dra...@avaya.com>
Subject RE: More 0.9.8 version nuances
Date Wed, 12 Jan 2005 20:41:41 GMT

Thank you.  I tried out the CVS this morning, and these changes work
magnificently.  I'm still doing some testing, but the build of the older
0.9.7 based project went without a hitch.

Myron Drapal

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From: Curt Arnold [mailto:carnold@apache.org] 
Sent: Tuesday, January 11, 2005 10:21 PM
To: Log4CXX User
Subject: Re: More 0.9.8 version nuances

I think that I have the DOMConfigurator's back in the build.  You may 
need to temporarily create an empty file at include/libxml/tree.h to 
get the Windows build to compile.

There were a couple of test cases that I needed to hack.  
tests/src/xml/domtestcase::test1 would produce a temp.a1 file that did 
not have duplicate entries for each logging event (once for the event 
at a high level logger and once at the root).   
tests/src/varia/errorhandlertestcase.cpp seem pretty broken (it never 
actually made a log request, but expected stuff in the log file).  
According to Ceki  in a totally unrelated discussion, the corresponding 
test in log4j is dead.  I've commented it out for the moment, but will 
likely delete it.

With the changes, you must have libxml2 installed to create the Unix 

On Jan 11, 2005, at 6:04 PM, Curt Arnold wrote:

> Been a busy day.  It would have been good if I had at least known what

> parts of log4cxx were regressed from 0.9.7 before I got everybody 
> excited.  Hopefully I can catch up a bit tonight.
> It looks like DOMConfigurator is currently disabled.  The long-term 
> goal is to migrate to the log4j Joran configurator (which is replacing

> log4j's DOMConfigurator) and APR's bundled Expat parser.  However, I 
> don't think that will happen fast enough for 0.9.8.  I'll take a look 
> at seeing if I can get the existing implementations back in the build.
> I'll report back to the list after I had a chance to investigate.
> On Jan 11, 2005, at 5:40 PM, Drapal, Myron E (Myron) wrote:
>> I am not able to build my existing code (based on 0.9.7) with the 
>> latest
>> CVS code, and it seems that it has to do with the (partial) 
>> disablement
>> of DOMConfigurator (which I use).  Looking at the code a bit, it
>> like the log4cxx/portability.h header file is supposed to define
>> this a correct assessment?).  If so, what is the intent of each of 
>> these
>> defines, and what should their default settings be for Windows (and
>> non-Windows) environments?  If I set them "correctly", will the
>> DOMConfigurator work as it did before?
>> Myron Drapal
>> drapal@avaya.com
>> <Drapal, Myron E (Myron).vcf>

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