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From maryline royer <maryline.ro...@alcatel.fr>
Subject Re: How compile apr on windows?
Date Fri, 28 Jan 2005 15:14:56 GMT
Björn Carlsson wrote:

> I believe the only problem for the apr dsw and dsp files is their unix 
> file endings, so open them in some text editor and change from unix to 
> dos file endings, to make MSVC accept them.
> Or try my project files at: http://versionsupport.com/logging/apr.zip
> But to compile the latest version of log4cxx from CVS I also had to 
> add and remove some files in the DLL-project, but I built them in 
> VS.NET 2003. So my dsp files has been converted to vcproj files and 
> the changes are only in them.
> But if you are intrested, the files I have changed:  
> http://versionsupport.com/logging/log4cxx.zip
> /Björn Carlsson
> VersionSupport.com <http://versionsupport.com>
> LECHNER Martin wrote:
>>I tried to compile the current version of log4cxx on windows and had troubles
>>with apr.
>>1.) The version 1.0.1 sources dont had a valid MSVC6 workspace - so i checked
>>out the lates binaries
>>2.) Now I am stuck with LDAP support. (v2.0 not supported...
>>I want to disable ldap support if that is possible (is it needed for
>>But I couldnt find the settings yet.
>>Any clue where in the sourc I can disable this?
>>And by the way: any further advice what can occure till i got the new version
Like Martin I tried to compile APR with MSVC6. I used for this, Björn 
Carlsson apr.zip.
The static library compilation is a success, but I still have problem 
with the APR dll compilation (problem with APR_DECLARE_EXPORT I think ...).
Does anybody succeed ?



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