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From Aaron Walker <ka0t...@gentoo.org>
Subject Re: Apache Log4cxx
Date Wed, 26 Jan 2005 12:15:13 GMT
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Keith Bottner wrote:
| I was having this problem on FreeBSD. It was due to multiple versions of
| aclocal being installed and the one that the sym link was pointing to was
| not the one that log4cxx was expecting. Even after I fixed that problem I
| could not get it to compile. I posted the problem on this list and the best
| I got back was something about log4cxx moving to Apaches portable kit or
| something. Anyway I hope this helps.

I see the mail with you explaining the autotools problem, but I don't see any
mail where you actually post the compilation problem.  Can you either post it
here or respond to me directly?

More than likely it's a log4cxx problem, and not a freebsd problem, as 0.9.7
won't even build on Linux without patching.

Which brings me to another question, directed to Curt.  Are you still accepting
patches against 0.9.7 or are you not going to bother because of the APR migration?

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