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From Björn Carlsson <maill...@versionsupport.com>
Subject Re: How compile apr on windows?
Date Tue, 25 Jan 2005 11:40:35 GMT
I believe the only problem for the apr dsw and dsp files is their unix 
file endings, so open them in some text editor and change from unix to 
dos file endings, to make MSVC accept them.
Or try my project files at: http://versionsupport.com/logging/apr.zip
But to compile the latest version of log4cxx from CVS I also had to add 
and remove some files in the DLL-project, but I built them in VS.NET 
2003. So my dsp files has been converted to vcproj files and the changes 
are only in them.
But if you are intrested, the files I have changed:  

/Björn Carlsson
VersionSupport.com <http://versionsupport.com>

LECHNER Martin wrote:

>I tried to compile the current version of log4cxx on windows and had troubles
>with apr.
>1.) The version 1.0.1 sources dont had a valid MSVC6 workspace - so i checked
>out the lates binaries
>2.) Now I am stuck with LDAP support. (v2.0 not supported...
>I want to disable ldap support if that is possible (is it needed for
>But I couldnt find the settings yet.
>Any clue where in the sourc I can disable this?
>And by the way: any further advice what can occure till i got the new version

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