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From Curt Arnold <carn...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Problem compiling on FreeBSD 5.3
Date Wed, 26 Jan 2005 18:21:24 GMT

On Jan 26, 2005, at 3:22 AM, Aaron Walker wrote:

> Hash: SHA1
> Firstly, I missed the first part of this thread, so I apologize if I'm 
> missing
> the bigger picture.
> Curt Arnold wrote:
> | The migration to Apache Portable Runtime should eliminate most if not
> | all of the need for autogen.sh and configure in building log4cxx.
> I know zilch about APR (although I'll need to learn since I maintain 
> the Gentoo
> ~ port ;p), but what does APR have to do with autogen.sh/configure? or 
> is the
> "Runtime" in APR misleading?

The use of Apache Portable Runtime substantially reduces the need for 
capability detection within log4cxx since APR presents a uniform 
runtime environment to log4cxx.  At the present time, log4cxx doesn't 
even include the generated config files.  The current 
autoconf/configure files are hold-overs from when log4cxx needed to 
know if pthreads or libxml2 etc were available.  The only thing that I 
could see would add value is to know if mbsnrtowcs and wcsnrtombs are 
available.  There presence is detected by the current script, but the 
preprocessor macros are not used at this time.  The old scripts could 
likely be radically simplified at this point.

> | However, the current use of autogen.sh and configure have not been
> | modified to reflect the migration.  It is not an area that I'm 
> expert in
> | and would appreciate any suggestions, patches or comments.
> I'll see if I can get get log4cxx setup on my BSD box, and what kind 
> of magic
> (besides autogen.sh of course) is required to get it built.

The Ant based build can be used to build log4cxx and do not require the 
use of autogen or configure.  The steps would be:

Install Ant
Build APR, APR-iconv and APR-util
Build cpptasks.jar from CVS (http://sf.net/projects/ant-contrib)
export CLASSPATH=cpptasks.jar
ant -Dapr.dir=/usr/local/apr-1

I'm likely to modify the Ant build so that it will automatically build 
APR if not detected.  Running the unit-tests requires CppUnit and 
boost-regex.  Getting boost-regex to build on Gump (which uses a custom 
version of jam to build) seems like way too much work, so I might 
migrate the unit tests to exec sed instead.

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