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From <lazy...@lazybugz.net>
Subject Is log4cxx mature ?
Date Sun, 09 Jan 2005 17:03:03 GMT
  Sorry about the subject but that in fact is my question. Is it
recommended to use log4cxx in c++ app for windows? I mean a basic test
revealed a memory leak of 4 bytes every time you log (stack trace from
purify is attached below and I am using static library built with
runtime library multithreaded debug dll on vc++.net 2003 to build
   I would be happy if someone can tell me if this is a known problem on
windows. I tried following up threads on mailing list but all of them
ended up no where. I need this working ASAP. So any kind of help would
be appreciated.

Will I have to wait for the next version so as to be able to fix the
above mentioned things?

Please keep my email: Lazybug@lazybugz.net in cc while replying

Thanks and Regards,


log4cxx::StringBuffer::StringBuffer(void) [\log4cxx\helpers\tchar.h:300]
                StringBuffer() : std::basic_ostream<TCHAR>(0)
     =>             { this->init(&buffer); }
                inline std::basic_string<TCHAR> str() const
                    { return buffer.str(); }
                inline void str(const std::basic_string<TCHAR>& s)

    CServer::~CServer(void) [\server.cpp:33]
        CServer (void) {
     =>     LOG4CXX_INFO(logger, "Deleting Object.")

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