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From Curt Arnold <curt.arn...@mac.com>
Subject RE: Is this project still alive
Date Fri, 19 Nov 2004 06:41:46 GMT
Michael has notified the Logging Project Management Committee and the log4cxx committers that
he does not expect to be involved in the project again until November 2005.  Though we will
miss Michael his absence does not indicate that the project is dead.  log4cxx is still being
actively (maybe too actively) developed, the mailing lists are active and there seems to be
a fairly healthy community developing.  Please address any requests or comments to one of
the mailing lists and they should get replied to in fairly short order.

Sorry things are a little ragged right now as I'm trying to switch log4cxx to APR at the same
time I've been on the road (for ApacheCON).  At the moment, I believe that only the Ant build
will compile, I haven't been keeping the GNU make or Visual Studio build definitions in synch.
 While the APR conversion is in process, things  will be fragile, but I'm convinced that it
will be a very good thing (and we can forever forget about bug reports on in-line Solaris
assembler code).

Borland C++ compilation is on my to-do list before 0.9.8, but I can't offer any help at the

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