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From Diego Susa <ds...@cestel.es>
Subject Problems building log4cxx 0.9.7 on Windows/CYGWIN
Date Wed, 13 Oct 2004 14:18:46 GMT
I've been trying for a couple of days to build the package on Windows, and I can't get to
do it (It built straightforward on Linux). I need to build it using GNU tools, so I've choosen
the CYGWIN aproach.

I've checked the necesary tools from a post in the forum:

         Recommended        My CYGWIN        
Cygwin   version 1.5.10-3
Automake version 1.7.9      1.9.2
Autoconf version 2.59       2.59
Libtool  version 1.5        1.5.10                 

I'm also issuing the followong configure (to disable all the things I don't need and could
be source of trouble, at list until I can build once):

./configure --disable-doxygen --disable--html-docs --with-thread=Microsoft --without-XML --without-ODBC

I'm not using CYGWIN's gcc, but MinGW (g++:3.2.3 make:3.80), but It shouldn't be an issue
(I think). Correct me if I'm wrong since I'm almost new at GCC, and completely newbie at CYGWIN.

The autogen.sh & configure steps went Ok (with no remarkable warnings), but when I "make"
at the package-root level I get dozens of errors at the first compiled source (appenderattachable.cpp).

Almost all of the errors come from /helpers/tchar.h and from /spi/loggingevent.h but the remarkable
thing is that the problem seems to be always the same data type: int64_t

I´ve tried both the "distribution" ZIP file version, and the CVS contents, and I get the
same errors on both, so maybe is a platform's issue ? or a missing environment variable ?
.... I'm puzzled cause I really wanted to use this lib in my project...  :-(
Any help would be appreciated.

I've also read that somebody built the lib with Borland tools. I need to build the package
on Borland (besides GNU) so any help, makefile, or project for anyone of Borland tools would
be VERY useful.

Thanks in advance,

Diego Susa
CESTEL (Spain)

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