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From "Devender Marri" <Deven...@stts.com.sg>
Subject LOG4CXX_DEBUG macro fails when used in a shared object or .so file gcc
Date Wed, 13 Oct 2004 03:33:07 GMT
Hi All,
System specification:
Compiler- gcc
O.S     - Redhat Linux
Sub: Application crashes when try to log integer or short values.
I am using log4cxx in my jni codes which are compiled as a shared object (.so file). My application
is able to print 
string values as shown in line 2 of the sample code but crahses when line 4 of the code is
I found that when I use the same code in an excutable there is no problem.

Can some body tell me what difference does the #define macro for LOG4CXX_DEBUG makes for a
shared object to that of
an executable.

sample code...
1)string str1 = "this is devender ";
2)LOG4CXX_DEBUG(loggerx, _T("MSG ") << str1);
3)int i = 0;
4)LOG4CXX_DEBUG(loggerx, _T("MSG ") << i++);
I appreciate every body for taking ur precious time in looking at my email.
Marri Devender Rao
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