Thanks Arnold for the information.

Curt Arnold <> wrote:
log4cxx follows log4j and log4j does not attempt to synchronize file
I/O across multiple processes. This is addressed in Chapter 10 of "The
complete manual log4j".

Q 10.3 Can multiple Java Virtual Machines log to the same file using

No, there is no way for log4j to coordinate the access for a system
resource, for example a file, between multiple JVMs....

The following FAQ describes the common method of addressing situations
where that is necessary by using SocketAppenders and a daemon that
receives the log requests and writes to a file:

On Sep 10, 2004, at 3:46 PM, Mike SG wrote:

> Hi,
> I compiled successfully the log4cxx on solaris and I am trying to run
> a small example which uses FileAppender. Our project is a multi
> process system. So I created a small example which has 2 processes
> writing to a file. I used the FileAppender for this. But when I see
> the output I see that it not process safe. The output is mixed up.
> Does this works only for threads in a single application.
> Have I done something wrong? Can I use fileappender in a multiprocess
> application? Do I need to set something?
> What options do I have?
> Can somebody please help me on this.
> Thanks a lot,
> -Mike.
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