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From "Barak Simon" <barak.si...@db.com>
Subject Re: SocketServer
Date Tue, 21 Sep 2004 01:33:57 GMT

Thanks Christophe,
I suspected as much - I guess for the interim we'll use different servers for C++ and Java.

I do have some other problem, however, having to do with the fact that I subclassed the Level
adding two lower levels (MICRO & NANO) which, of course, are not identified by the C++

When these logging events get to the server it outputs:
"Class 'LevelExt4cxx' not found Level deserialization failed, reverting to default."

Do I have to re-build the SimpleSocketServer with my class? How easy is this?

Another thing I tried is thresholding the socket appender on the client side to only send
INFO and above,
but it does not seem to work. Are Appender level thresholds unsupported at present?

Many thanks,

Barak Simon
GED IT Core Platform
190 George St. Sydney, 2000
Phone +61 2 925 85070
Fax      +61 2 925 95050

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Barak Simon wrote:

>I am trying to use Java's SocketServer with C++ clients,
In the current log4cxx version, socketappender encoding is not
compatible with log4j.
If you need to make log4cxx and log4j communicate (if you use chainsaw
for instance), then you have to use XMLSocketAppender.




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