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From renny.ko...@rubixinfotech.com
Subject Log4cxx obliterates the TZ setting...
Date Wed, 01 Sep 2004 23:57:54 GMT
Ok... I think I found a work-around for my app anyway:

I noticed that this whole thing happens when the property configurator is 
reading the file & configuring things... so I now set my timezone (which I 
never had to do before), from an appliction .ini file setting AFTER the 
propertyconfigurator is initialized.

There has got to be a better way to do this... will let you guys know if 
we find something.

Renny Koshy
President & CEO

RUBIX Information Technologies, Inc.


We have some code which started behaving strange after going to log4cxx 
for logging... I've isolated it down to the fact that log4cxx obliterates 
the TZ settings in timezone.cpp and dailyrollingfileappender.cpp

        Instead of changing to GMT to calculate the diff, why not use 
gmtime() or gmtime_r()? 
                - I've done this in our code that had to calculate this 
difference for a LogFile class that dates back almost 8 years...
                - This way there is not "side-effect"...
        *IF* I change the code to work that way, any chance of having it 
included in the 'official' package?

I also noticed that on Solaris using CC, if I compile the whole thing 
after a "make clean", it works.  But then if I go change a file & 
recompile... it doesn't work.  Looks like the problem is in the 'cache' 
files that Sun's CC uses for templates.... somehow during the build 
process, those files are either deleted or overwritten... and the next 
time, when you change a single file & compile... the linker cannot file a 
bunch of templates...


Renny Koshy
President & CEO

RUBIX Information Technologies, Inc.
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