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From Christophe de VIENNE <cdevie...@alphacent.com>
Subject Re: Strings and configuration (unrelated to each other)
Date Fri, 03 Sep 2004 09:15:56 GMT
Mattias Brändström a écrit :

> Hello!
> I have two questions about the log4cxx API.
> First of all, when I configure log4cxx in the following way:
>     log4cxx::PropertyConfigurator::configure(string("/usr"));
> it fails silently. Is this the way it is supposed to behave?

I think so.

> I would have preffered it to say something similar to what it says 
> when I point it to a file that edoes not exist.
> My second question is about the String class. In the examples I have 
> seen strings are constructed with _T(). Where is this function declared?

This is a macro used by gettext for internationalisation. cf gettext 
documentation for more information.

> Where is String declared?


    310     typedef std::basic_string<TCHAR> String;

> Will it be OK for me to send strings to log4cxx using std::string?

Yes, if TCHAR is a char, then String is equivalent to std::string.


Christophe de Vienne

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