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From Christophe de Vienne <cdevie...@alphacent.com>
Subject Re: Using XMLSocketAppender 'locationinfo' option.
Date Sat, 07 Aug 2004 12:55:44 GMT
I see.

Why not using the __FUNCTION__ macro ? At least the method field could 
be filled.



Michaël CATANZARITI a écrit :

> the method and class fields cannot be easily filled in C++ because 
> there are no compilator builtin macros like __FILE__ or __LINE__
> Nevertheless, Chainsaw need to find the tags method and class in the 
> incoming XML stream even if those tags are empty.
> Before my fix, theses tags were not present in the log4cxx 
> XMLLayout/XMLSocketAppender and Chainsaw throwed exceptions. Now these 
> tags are present but empty. It's just to mislead Chainsaw.
> Michaël

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