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From Christophe de VIENNE <cdevie...@alphacent.com>
Subject Re: Subscribing the list at Gmane.org (Usenet gateway) ?
Date Tue, 03 Aug 2004 14:37:55 GMT
drkm wrote:

>  I think this is entirely free.  A lot of free software-related ML are
>mirrored there.  Like log4j and log4net.  Can you consider subscribe
>the list ?  There is a subscribing form there :
>    <URL:http://gmane.org/subscribe.php>
>and infos about other log4* ML at Gmane there :
>    <URL:http://gmane.org/find.php?list=log4>
>(ahem, please don't make the user list read-only, as the log4net user
>list; why they made that ?).

Probably to avoid non-subscribed people to post. If one want to post on 
the newsgroup, does he need to subscribe to the mailing-list first ?

Anyway before doing it I think you should wait for Mickaƫl opinion.



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