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From "Delfin Rojas" <dro...@moodlogic.com>
Subject Question about late loading of logging dll
Date Fri, 20 Aug 2004 22:25:51 GMT
Hello everybody,

I have been using log4cxx for a while now. I like all the features it
provides and I am very happy with it all around. However, I now have a
requirement for small file size and that is why I am writing to you.

My application has some external DLLs and plugins and they all log so it
makes sense for me to use log4cxx as a DLL. However, this means I have to
ship the whole log4cxx dll (700k) with my product even though I don't use
the logging functions most of the time. I have a check in my application
that turns off logging at startup if the logging configuration file is not
found, which occurs most of the time. This is a windows application by the

So my question is: Is there a way to use log4cxx in a way that allows me to
ship my application without the dll and at application startup load the DLL
as I load the configuration file? I guess I could do this myself if I change
every single call to log4cxx with a call to a class that, if the dll is
there, does a GetProcAddress to get the address of the function from the dll
and calls it. However, this is pretty slow, so I wonder if there is another

I am sure somebody has maybe dealt with this problem before. Any help or
suggestion is greatly appreciated.


Delfin Rojas

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