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From Picaso <pic...@roltaus.com>
Subject RE: SMTPAppender with CDO
Date Thu, 08 Jul 2004 21:03:15 GMT

Hi Michael,
Finally I got the email....There was a typecasting problem. I am attaching
the source code. It's in a very raw format and requires furthur
screening/error handling. However its functional!!!
Following needs to be accomplished:
1. right now i am sending only to 1 recipient. I need to make provision for
multiple recipients.
2. i had to comment out the following condition :
as the above condition never became true and hence sendbuffer was never
being called. I will really appreciate if you can tell me how to take care
of this stuff because i m sure it is related to functionality of sending
email as per size of buffer mentioned in configuration.

Plz reply asap.
Best Wishes

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To: Log4CXX User
Sent: 7/7/04 6:08 PM
Subject: Re: SMTPAppender with CDO


the method SMTPAppender::sendBuffer() need to be completely rewrited
using the CDO APIs !
Did you work on it ?
Could you send your code to the mailing list ?


Picaso wrote:
> I tried to compile SMTPAppender using CDO. It compiles fine however it
> dosen't send email!!!!!
> After debugging I found out that the following condition 
> //////////
> 	if(evaluator->isTriggeringEvent(event))
> 	{
> 		sendBuffer();
> 	}
> //////////
> in method
> /////
> void SMTPAppender::append(const spi::LoggingEventPtr& event)
> ////
> never gets satisfied and hence sendBuffer method which contains the
code to
> send email, is never called.
> I will appreciate if someone can throw some light on this.

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