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From Curt Arnold <carn...@houston.rr.com>
Subject Questions about include/log4cxx/helpers/tchar.h
Date Sun, 04 Jul 2004 22:34:22 GMT
Including include/log4cxx/helpers/tchar.h before the Win32 platform's 
tchar.h will result in compilation errors as the Win32 tchar.h's 
overrides the definitions of W2A, A2W, USES_CONVERSION etc.  These 
compilation errors can be avoided by forcing the Win32's tchar.h to be 
loaded first, but at least in my case both tchar.h's were loaded 
indirectly, it tooks some sleuthing to figure out where the Platform 
tchar.h needed to be added.

It doesn't appear that log4cxx itself uses some of the offending 
macros, so I'm assuming that the they were provided as a convenience 
for library users, however providing a second implementation of 
platform provided macros could be confusing, especially since the 
log4cxx implementation has length limitations that I don't believe 
exist in the Platform provided implementation.  For example, the 
message size limitation reported a few days ago, but be avoided by 
including the platform's tchar.h

I haven't really dug into this issue yet, but it did surprise me and 
maybe somebody could explain why the current state is a good thing.

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