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From Christophe de VIENNE <cdevie...@alphacent.com>
Subject Re: Memory Leaks in Log4cxx
Date Tue, 27 Jul 2004 13:29:42 GMT

FabijanicA@nucorsteel.com wrote:

>There are 13 memory leaks and 7 resource leaks reported at the end of
>execution. I am still trying to figure out most of them, but here's where
>some of the leaks reported are coming from:
>timezone.cpp      line 32 [2 leaks - calling tzset and gmtime]:
>TimeZonePtr TimeZone::defaultTimeZone = new TimeZone(_T(""));

gmtime returns a "struct tm *", which is, refering to the man page :

"The return value points to a statically allocated struct which might be 
overwritten by subsequent calls to any  of  the  date  and  time  

This struct is probably allocated at the first call to gmtime, and then 
never freed.
I guess the tzset leak has the same reason.

This is for the glibc version of those functions thought. If their win32 
equivalent return dynamically allocated memory, then the code needs to 
be patched to free the memory.

>timezone.cpp      line 92 [1 leak - calling putenv]:              return
>new TimeZone(ID);

This function alterate the environment. If some memory is allocated I 
don't think it's supposed to be freed.

>tzset(), gmtime() and putenv are all calling malloc()

With my understanding of their behavior (under linux, it may be 
different with the vc++ standard C library), they won't call it each 
time, but rather once for tzset and gmtime, and if needed a few time for 

So those leaks are "normal" from the log4cxx point of view, ie we can't 
do anything about it...



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