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From Christophe de VIENNE <cdevie...@alphacent.com>
Subject Autotools use.
Date Tue, 29 Jun 2004 08:06:36 GMT

The build process currently impose to run 'autogen.sh' before running 
configure. Although it's a good thing for a programmer using the CVS 
version, I think it shouldn't be the case when compiling from the tarball.
Trying to understand why I saw a quite unsual dist-hook rule in 
Makefile.am. So the question is : Is there a particular reason for such 
a hack, while distributing a fine configure script works so well ?

Second thing : In the 'src' dir, there is the source of both the lib and 
simplesocketserver program. The program depending on the lib, a parallel 
make (with -j) fails most of the time. Would it be possible to move it 
to it's own directory ?

I can take a bit of time to make patches doing what I suggest. Just let 
me know if you're interested.



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