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From Petri Tötterman <petri.totter...@hmv.fi>
Subject Vas: Re: HPUX with aCC porting trial
Date Thu, 13 May 2004 15:30:29 GMT
Hello Michael, thanks for replying quickly!

Since Tuesday, I have downloaded the 0.9.7 tarball, installed - and I still get the
segmentation fault from the "trivial" example. Tried to look closer with gdb. I think
something strange happens in the PatternParser, during a call to addToList.

I haven't checked this list structure, how is it implemented?

My environment and compilation option have not changed. With the 0.9.7 source, I had
to change at line 221 in include/log4cxx/xml/domconfigurator.h
from "DomConfigurator::subst" to "subst" as the compiler complained about the 
incorrect namespace.

% ./autogen.sh
% ./configure CFLAGS="-Aa +e -D_HPUX_SOURCE" CXXFLAGS="-AA -w +inst_v -mt
-D_INCLUDE__STDC_A1_SOURCE" --prefix=/opt/log4cxx --enable-unicode

% make (successful)
# make install
% cd examples
% ./trivial
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Thank you for all advice.

Best regards,
Petri Tötterman

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