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From Daniel Seybold <>
Subject How to deploy generic Spark applications via Livy using the Java client
Date Tue, 04 Sep 2018 15:36:24 GMT
Hi guys,

I'd like to use Livy Server and its Java client to deploy generic Spark 
applications by integrating the Java client into a custom orchestration 

After going through the docs and experimenting the code I am not sure if 
this is already possible with Livy, see the following example:

The orchestration engine can reveive generic Spark binaries and 
additional input parameters, which should be executed programmitcally at 
a Spark Cluster (with the Livy Server).

Yet, according to the PiJob 
it seems that I need to wrap the code of any Spark application to submit 
it via the Java client?

Hence, the following code snippet would not work:

LivyClient client =new LivyClientBuilder()
     .setURI(new URI("http://IP:8998")).build(); client.uploadJar(new File("genberic-spark-app.jar"));

Yet, it seems that this kind of execution would be possible by using the 
REST-API directly (and not the Java Client)?

Thanks for any advice!


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