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From Saisai Shao <>
Subject Re: How to tune Livy for fast queries
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2018 02:23:55 GMT
Probably some network cost should also be counted in. There's no such
configuration for tuning. If you find some performance issue, you can
create a JIRA or even a patch to fix Livy.

Harsch, Tim <> 于2018年8月1日周三 上午8:04写道:

> I have a Livy application that I'm trying to tune as I'm seeing some
> performance issue when the queries are fast queries.  I've wrapped my
> queries with a timer that logs the time taken.  The spark code
> executed typically takes 50ms to 150ms.  I'm querying Livy every 500ms
> looking for my response, and generally it doesn't succeed until the third
> check.   It seems Livy itself is spending up to an extra 1000ms.  Where is
> Livy spending this time?  Are there any tuning parameters I can adjust?
> Also, I am having difficulty changing any of the settings in
> livy-client.conf.  I placed the file in /etc/hadoop/conf and livy/conf
> folder but my settings seem to get ignored.
> Thanks
> Tim

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