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From Harun Zengin <>
Subject Security Questions
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2018 08:30:07 GMT
we are trying to build a setup where we have a server that submits jobs
of different users to the Livy server via the REST API. We established a
kerberos server to authenticate against livy, with one superuser that
makes the requests in behalf of the users. But we want to prohibit
the users to access a different users' data, the filesystem, and the

My question would then be, how secure is livy? Users can inject custom
code to run on livy, but this gives them the ability to access the
filesystem on the host the livy server resides in. Even if we run livy
with a different unix user, that has very little permissions on the
filesystem, that could be potentially dangerous from my point of view,
they could potentially access the keytab on the livy server also. And
they could also potentially inject malware and run it.

I know that the session created creates also a JVM, so one session lives
in a JVM, and it is impossible to see another session without having the
kerberos ticket, but could I change the security settings of that JVM to
only access specific paths and specific IP addresses only? Would that
mean for me to change the source code of livy?

And in the case of using HDFS with active directory to secure the
datasystem, so that users need to specify a kerberos key to access their
files, how could I manage multiple principals in one server, to get this

Any help to any of the questions is very much appriciated,

Thanks in forehand,


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