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From Sarthak Singhal <>
Subject Question for Apache Livy
Date Mon, 14 May 2018 13:15:26 GMT

How to set --master, --deploy-mode, --driver-class-path and --driver-java-options through
Apache Livy?
I want to set the master, spark deploy-mode, driver-class-path and driver-java-options for
the Spark job when the job is triggered through Apache Livy without having to restart the
Livy server when these settings change. How to do this since there are no direct options to
do this in Livy?
I understand these are used to set the parameters for Client mode. I want to set these when
I spawn a job in client mode.

Also when I try to set "spark.master" through REST through "conf" param, it is not being set.
This is the JSON I'm sending to the Livy API.
                "file": "/user/livy/spark-examples.jar",
                "conf" : {
                                "spark.master": "yarn",
                                "spark.submit.deployMode": "cluster"
                "args": ["2"],
                "className": "org.apache.spark.examples.SparkPi"

Thanks and Regards,

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