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From cmcc...@apache.org
Subject [kafka-site] branch 2.1.1-announce created (now ebfaca5)
Date Tue, 19 Feb 2019 23:27:12 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

cmccabe pushed a change to branch 2.1.1-announce
in repository https://gitbox.apache.org/repos/asf/kafka-site.git.

      at ebfaca5  Update html links for 2.1.1 release

This branch includes the following new commits:

     new ba6c994  KAFKA-2425: Initial upload of Kafka documentation to git repository with
intent to replace SVN
     new f21c50a  Add Kafka release to downloads page
     new 91714d9  Add Harsha as Committer.
     new e4d9849  HOTFIX: update contributing.html for web docs
     new 8c4a140  add 0.9.0 docs
     new e8630d3  KAFKA-2346: typo in api.html
     new e047c4b  update 0.9.0 docs
     new 1e91e25  minor 0.9.0 doc changes
     new 2e81256  trivial 0.9.0 doc changes
     new 0362585  trivial 0.9.0 doc changes for AclCommand
     new fdd6433  trivial 0.9.0 doc changes to fix the links
     new 24d8d66  upload latest 0.9.0 docs
     new dbcd9fd  trivial 0.9.0 doc fixes
     new 0b980bf  trivial 0.9.0 doc fixes
     new 0e79d90  trivial change to 0.9.0 docs to fix incorrect ssl.key.password
     new 7cf41c3  trivial change: revert incorrect change to ssl.key.password
     new 56d48ce  Add to downloads page
     new 05d29ab  minor fix to link doc to 0.9.0
     new 497322d  minor fix to link doc to 0.9.0 release note link
     new 346f93e  mino change to add link to quotas section
     new 53fa90a  merge in changes from KAFKA-2881
     new 7083337  Update JVM version and tuning settings
     new 97a7d56  Add Ewen as committer.
     new d0ddbb4  Minor updates to api, design, security and upgrade pages
     new 2fb26e0  Update consumer_config, kafka_config and producer_config
     new 7f47d19  updating docs for release
     new 1bc5cd9  trivial fix to authorization CLI table
     new 14ffd37  Add protocol guide
     new 7b2f7b7  Adding Gwen's keys to KEYS file
     new 7f95fb8  adding 0.10.0 documentation
     new 4ed4dd1  fixing misversion in 0.10.0 docs
     new 46fccbe  Docs for, release candidate 2
     new 87f504b  Add Ismael to committers page
     new fb7c900  Docs for, release candidate 3
     new 35b3bbb  Merge branch 'asf-site' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/kafka-site
into asf-site
     new 1ad8525  Docs for, fourth release candidate
     new 76217f0  additional improvements to 0.10.0 docs
     new 1d077ee  doc changes included as part of
     new f53c519  MINOR: Fix typos and formatting in coding-guide.html
     new 811faf5  MINOR: Replace style guide link with scala-lang.org link
     new b91f790  Doc refresh for and getting the javadoc for Java clients, not
the old Java-API in core
     new af5a933  Update javadoc for 0.10 to include connect and streams
     new 02bea1d  KAFKA-3709: Create a project security page.
     new 8622aca  Rename `project_security.html` to `project-security.html`
     new d412353  Fix includes in `project-security.html`
     new 1a18a45  Update docs and javadoc with latest minor changes
     new de10867  Fix table of contents and minor fix in `block.on.buffer.full` doc
     new 90c74a3  Update links for Kafka
     new aafac9a  Change site_name from `sna-projects` to `Apache Kafka`
     new 11d27b0  Fix typo in site_name
     new 92c15a5  Update 0.10.0 docs from Kafka's 0.10.0 branch
     new dc14da4  Add Ismael's keys
     new aaad0d2  Documentation updates from kafka's 0.10.0 branch
     new 37e8deb  Update javadoc for release
     new 8f55a94  Minor security and streams documentation updates from Kafka's 0.10.0 branch
     new d5cac74  Add download links for Kafka
     new 633b9f5  Use archive instead of mirror link for release notes for convenience
     new 6f9652c  Add Jason to committers page
     new 2cf87df  Try to include streams and connect better. Removing messaging centric terminology.
Rewrite introduction page. Make a linked doc sections stand alone.
     new da58207  Fix typo.
     new 0ba7502  Fix another typo on the homepage.
     new 5c5b7f8  Add Jason's PGP key
     new 1b8cdf4  new design
     new ed0bb0d  Add 0.10.1 docs
     new 2d621da  Add 0.10.1 javadocs
     new 6e3ea2d  Merge branch 'derrickdoo-newTheme2' into asf-site
     new 590fd70  Add new key for Jason
     new aa684e5  theme enhancements for mobile and branding guidelines
     new e2348dc  fix issue with rewrite rules blocking access to javadocs
     new 8cac98c  Update 0.10.1 docs for RC1
     new 72f3f9a  Merge formatting fixes into 0.10.1 docs
     new 234f865  Additional doc fixes for 0.10.1
     new 20f2876  update htaccess to load images nested inside of doc folders
     new b2433ce  Resync 0.10.1 documentation
     new 181e712  Add missing images for 0.10.0
     new a6986e0  Resync 0.10.1 docs for RC2
     new 230d32e  Resync 0.10.1 docs for RC3
     new 9bad5a3  Resync 0.10.1 for release
     new ac2567c  Enable 0.10.1 documentation
     new 12ad81e  Update download page for
     new 86a37e4  Add events page.
     new fe6d416  Fix nav highlighting for events page.
     new dfe3f3b  Remove text for creating your own startup.
     new c0f927f  Add Apache trademark to first occurrence of Kafka in each page
     new 4351a0f  fix footer link for 0.10.1 doc
     new 448583d  fix footer link for 0.10.1 doc
     new 30a4e5b  fix includes to missing files in 0101 docs and update mobile nav to accomodate
the Events page
     new 8b967a7  Add Becket to the committers page
     new 9aa3bae  Update the website repo link in code.html to point to github.
     new e8fdfce  added new meetup links on events page and remove docs subnav on old versions
of the docs
     new e18293b  remove link to kafka-summit site for now
     new 33c99ca  add Guozhang's sig-key
     new dcccb9f  Added section for Kafka Summit on the Events page
     new 97ef065  MINOR: Grammar updated on contributing.html page
     new 6a95c89  MINOR: Update contact.html with the correct search-hadoop.com link
     new 04dce4f  MINOR: Add new meetup link on events page
     new 970abca  Extract Streams from documentation as standalone docs
     new 2f5fd91  Update downloads.html and javadoc for release
     new 8c86f88  Improve wording in GroupMinSessionTimeoutMsDoc
     new e853115  HOTFIX: MINOR: Remove duplicate list items.
     new 262cec2  new europe meetup links
     new efbb3ea  new design for powered by page
     new 780d43a  Add Grant to committers page
     new 60a70f3  fix typos on powered by page
     new 9a36603  Add Ewen's GPG key.
     new a7c3675  Add 0.10.2 docs from RC0
     new 391c25e  Don't apply the docs rewrite rule to protocol.html since it is meant to
be standalone.
     new 2f085ed  Add 0.10.2 docs from RC1
     new b294ebc  Add 0.10.2 docs from RC2
     new cab4453  Manual edits needed for 0.10.2 release
     new 3811ec3  More edits on 0.10.2 web docs after the release
     new 29d98a8  add javadoc, plus minor fixes on upgrade.html
     new 836bb44  Use release version of javadocs.
     new 3c61705  Fix typo in Boston meetup link text.
     new 749b548  SMT example, correct classnames in the generated transformations list and
more Connect in TOC
     new 4ac323a  Add 0.10.2 docs from RC0
     new b8a4073  upgrade notes for
     new 043c3ac  MINOR: fixing broken tag
     new 05e1943  adding release to downloads
     new 5c2a57a  Add Rajini to committers page
     new 13d4582  Update Uber link on powered-by.html
     new c48d9d3  Add auto syntax highlighter
     new 9e92e5e  Filled in og meta tags
     new 1e78606 docs
     new 3a0e1fc  Update version in 0110/documentation.html
     new 4fd2570  AdminClient doc improvements
     new 676a6c5  New items for the Powered by page
     new ce0dea0  Minor doc updates from 0.11.0 branch
     new 4c2079c  add damian to committers
     new bcccba7  MINOR: add jira@kafka mailing list
     new c051ee6  MINOR: move image to correct location
     new 8eea59d  Updates from 0.11.0 branch for
     new 6699e22  Add javadoc for
     new 0f672e8  Updates to config documentation from 0.11.0 branch
     new 98c07f4  Fix a few typos in the generated configs
     new 4ff6380  Replace hardcoded 0.10.2 references with version variable
     new bbaac38  Release
     new ce9eeb6  Quickstart should point to
     new eaa6d92  Update more references from 0102 to 0110
     new 04199a2  Break Streams page into consecutive sub-pages
     new 34f8ece  fix broken links after PR 58
     new 9e96b0c  bold font for section name
     new ce8c8b9  Update release notes link to point to archive.apache.org
     new a6523f9  Gwen and Ismael are also PMC members
     new 422095a  MINOR: add Interactive Queries docs
     new 83a25d4  fix streams index.html
     new 9ab5987  HOTFIX: put index.html in the correct location
     new d87864e  Update from 0.11.0 branch to fix quick start version
     new 5349323  MINOR: Add release dates to downloads page
     new e434a09  move quickstart of streams for 0.11.0
     new ea90d4d  Hotfix on the streams quickstart page
     new 279d6b5  New landing page for Streams API
     new 6cd777e  Updated docs nav and docs toc
     new e69e6e1  Docs TOC adjustments
     new 812da17  MINOR: Hyperlink 3 callouts on the homepage
     new a1b78e7  Add learn more verbiage on ctas
     new aad5bb5  KAFKA-4869: Update upgrade notes
     new f18b904  Do not use hyphens in wrapping property names in tables
     new 52b9281  Jason and Becket are PMC members
     new 07a0b40  Add Damian's PGP
     new b99a835  Add coding guidelines for Streams API
     new 1100aae  Fix HTML markup
     new 5885ade  Adding portoseguro, micronauticsresearch & cj logos to powered by page
     new 8c85a0e  Remove .DS_Store
     new a1278d0  Update site for release
     new 0675525  merge trunk
     new 7e98fdb  display tutorial buttons
     new b415c59  MINOR: update streams quickstart to have note about updating snapshot dependency
     new e834dd4  MINOR: add note to streams quickstart about snapshot dependency removal
being temporary
     new 19d6433  Added Xite and Zalando logo to Powered by page and update some styling for
upcoming streams doc page changes
     new a872ac8  Deploy latest 0110 docs from Kafka commit f16fc68e
     new b818b7b  Line logo to Powered-by page + minor edits to styles +google webmaster file
     new aa0d8f4  Adding LINE logo to Streams page
     new 4bb2fd8  Adding New York logo to powered-by and Streams page
     new 8c1a772  MINOR:Updating Rabobank description and Zalando image in powered-by &
streams page
     new f5884f1  Add missing release date for
     new 851b268  update main bullet verbiage on the homepage
     new b22336d  minor changes on contributing page to trigger a mirror
     new 3dafcaa  update art assets and content to reflect registered status of kafka trademark
     new 450fdd8  Adding google tracking file for youtube metrics
     new 863f436  Redesign of Streams page - includes video & customer logos
     new da6b2aa  Correcting video pause & clicks
     new a641427  Change apache-kafka image permission as image not appearing in twitter
     new 33a9de2  Fixed video paramas
     new 97a78e3  Port changes from PR4017 and PR3862 to 0110
     new 8509f05  MINOR: Added Pinterest logo to streams page
     new cc6488e  MINOR: Pinterest link correction
     new 4eb9c7d  MINOR: Fix typo in streams index title
     new 7576873  MINOR: replace use cases links to original blog posts
     new e977ecc  Adding Trivago logo to streams page
     new cb024c1  Update site for 1.0.0 release
     new 834c3cb  A couple of 1.0 updates that were missed
     new ddfe464  Use dist.apache.org for release notes until it propagates to the archive
     new 6050b14  Add Javadoc for 1.0.0
     new 2e200cf  MINOR: Follow-up Update on 1.0.0 release
     new 6f80138  MINOR: update streams hello world
     new f418ad6  HOTFIX: fis broken links
     new d577072  rename 100 template to 10
     new 652928c  Update meetup lists
     new 9a5f1d8  update streams upgrade section
     new 5badc89  add the missing template handlers
     new afd3a6e  Add the missing streams upgrade paragraph, fix a few broken links
     new a7a78c4  Add Onur to the committers page
     new 240ddda  Add Rajini's keys
     new ae86b7d  Update site for release
     new 58d08dc  Remove empty line
     new 8acb6f2  Use archive link for and releases
     new 606a0af  MINOR: Added secondary nav to streams sub-page
     new 2fb544c  Sync KAFKA-6238 which fixes message format upgrade instructions
     new 6752bf4  KAFKA-6334: fix typo in backwards compatibility note
     new 12dbff5  MINOR: Improve Streams Dev Guide
     new 1382654  HOTFIX: broken /10 docs
     new c6ec939  Fix /image 404s in streams doc
     new 59974aa  Merge pull request #114 from joel-hamill/fix-image-404
     new c0844f1  Menu order in Streams docs incorrect (#115)
     new f9436c8  Update kafka-site information (#116)
     new 35336f4  Add Matthias to comitters page
     new c1469ff  fixed kafka-site info
     new 7aaf77e  Fixed commiter page layout
     new 8a1ed01  Add Twitter link for Matthias
     new 5aae983  MINOR: Fix typo (#118)
     new 902a12c  Adding anchor link to Streams Use Case (#117)
     new 9d78d42  Update Kafka git repo to point to GitHub (#119)
     new 8888038  Update committers page for Rajini
     new c36da8f  Streams Use case anchor (#120)
     new a045c41  Adding new logo to Powered By Page - Amadeus (#121)
     new c13a4c9  Add Matthias' PGP key
     new c196ae7  MINOR Added hypen (#122)
     new 373504f  Adding Moesif logo to powered by page (#125)
     new 5cd44e4  Remove empty column (#128)
     new a28d75e  MINOR: fix broken links of javadocs in Streams developer guide
     new b7185c4  Fix broken link
     new 0d83127  Add Helsinki Apache Kafka Meetup to the events page. (#129)
     new f838ac9  KAFKA-6472 - Fix WordCount example code error (#126)
     new 954f425  Add Moscow Apache Kafka Meetup to the events page (#130)
     new 08897fb  Adding Anchors to releases (#131)
     new 327fe93  add 1.1.0 docs
     new 2509d02  Merge branch 'asf-site' of https://gitbox.apache.org/repos/asf/kafka-site
into asf-site
     new d02bdb8  Fix typo in checkstyle command (#106)
     new a3c7de5  Rephrase mailing lists section to avoid incorrect subscribe emails (#99)
     new b397492  update for 1.1.0-rc1
     new b4fb723  Merge branch 'asf-site' of https://gitbox.apache.org/repos/asf/kafka-site
into asf-site
     new 0ba0eda  Update for 1.0.1 release (#133)
     new af830ee  Trivial formatting cleanup
     new cbf615e  Updates for 1.1
     new da41cda  Merge branch 'asf-site' of https://gitbox.apache.org/repos/asf/kafka-site
into asf-site
     new 0b93890  update with latest 1.1
     new 4fc5e20  MINOR - Adding anchor links to download page (#132)
     new 4cb7d53  Updates for 1.1.0 release (#134)
     new 32c5193  Add Dong to committers page (#135)
     new ffbdbc4  MINOR: Streams developer-guide ref-link fix
     new 94f59b4  HOTFIX: 1.1 streams dev-guide not updated
     new 2912d98  MINOR: fix processor node broken link
     new 4290e35  MINOR: fix more streams ref links
     new 71c82a4  MINOR: Add list of 1.1 protocol changes
     new 15558ed  Fix exception handler defaults; add missing picture in streams developer
     new 60a0cb2  KAFKA-6816: Table Style adjustments  (#136)
     new 18ff417  Col adjustments for 10/streams/DSL page (#137)
     new 956ada1  Fix streams web doc configs tables (#138)
     new bd6878a  [KAFKA-6861] Missing ')' in Kafka Streams documentation (#139)
     new 3940fa0  MINOR: fix tutorial example code snippet
     new 7d1e3ac  MINOR: Fix typo in table (#140)
     new 4d2eecc  MINOR: Fix link in num.standby.replicas section (#142)
     new 67c61fe  Adding hacker logo to powered-by page (#144)
     new 94df531  Add Dong's GPG key
     new 1c27143  Add docs for 2.0.0 RC0 (#145)
     new 0508387  Fixed dead link to BookKeeper (#141)
     new 1c51dbf  - Added the adidas logo and information to the powered-by page (#146)
     new 0c55ca5  Update docs for 2.0.0 RC1 (#147)
     new 05f4cc8  Webpage updated for
     new 6ff09ea  Webpage update for
     new ae4b4b7  HOTFIX: fix version number release
     new 1875476  MINOR: update download links (#148)
     new bc87993  Update docs for 1.0.2 release (#149)
     new 8dd42bd  New Bandwidth Logo + ancestry fix (#150)
     new d3fe4b4  MINOR: improve versions (#151)
     new 05db7ab  Update docs for 2.0.0 release (#152)
     new 90898b7  Update download links for 1.1.1 release (#153)
     new c278379  Update download links for 1.1.1 release followup (#154)
     new af64281  MINOR: Removing duplicate word from streams develope-guide (#155)
     new ee2b968  report an issue
     new b501d4a  Update docs for 2.0.0 RC3
     new 3a88666  MINOR: Updates for 2.0.0 release
     new 76b9582  Add published CVEs (#157)
     new d8112f0  Update documentation links to 2.0
     new 322f145  MINOR: fix Streams state.dir config (#159)
     new 4dc25b4  Dong is PMC member
     new db3937c  Move Dong's PGP metadata before the public key
     new b47ef3c  MINOR: Make links recognizable (#160)
     new 1701907  New Committer Guidelines (#161)
     new 5933b2d  HOTFIX: minor rephrases
     new 529fb19  fix title
     new f296541  Add Manikumar to committers page (#162)
     new 9048fe7  Add docs for 2.1.0 RC0 (#163)
     new e6bf207  Add Manikumar's gpg public key (#164)
     new 57fba9d  Update docs for 2.0.1 release (#166)
     new c3475b4  Update downloads page for 2.0.1 release (#165)
     new f0a9f0f  added verification file for google search tools (#167)
     new d48694d  Update docs for 2.1.0 RC1 (#168)
     new 072afe8  Add generated configs for Kafka 2.1.0 RC1
     new 4c50b06  Update documentation.html for 2.1 release
     new 89c0f8e  Update html links for 2.1.0 release (#170)
     new a90d346  Update documentation links to 2.1 (#171)
     new af862b5  Fix url for keys in downloads.html (#172)
     new 7aece77  Add javadoc for Kafka 2.1
     new 9083ba9  Add cmccabe to committers (#173)
     new 92483fc  Porting PR 5996
     new 43dbcfb  MINOR: fix for broken zero-copy URL (#174)
     new 5514cce  MINOR: [connect.html] Removing extra "the" (#175)
     new 2dcf962  KAFKA-7768: Add version to java html urls (#176)
     new b480383  KAFKA-7768: Use absolute paths for javadoc (#178)
     new a140802  KAFKA-7741: streams-scala - document dependency workaround (#180)
     new 384b0c1  Add Vahid to committers (#181)
     new a104117  MINOR: Use lists.apache.org for mailing list archives (#182)
     new d8cb44c  Add Colin McCabe's public key (#184)
     new 87c8a52  MINOR: add config docs to manage-topics (#185)
     new 813e576  Add committer picture and info for Bill Bejeck
     new 5fb61fb  Correct the name of the generated directory when using the maven archetype
as described in the "Write a Streams Application" tutorial (#183)
     new ebfaca5  Update html links for 2.1.1 release

The 319 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "add" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

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