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From ij...@apache.org
Subject kafka git commit: KAFKA-5746; Document new broker metrics added for health checks
Date Wed, 20 Dec 2017 13:38:07 GMT
Repository: kafka
Updated Branches:
  refs/heads/trunk cdb395545 -> 35c1be746

KAFKA-5746; Document new broker metrics added for health checks

Author: Rajini Sivaram <rajinisivaram@googlemail.com>

Reviewers: Ismael Juma <ismael@juma.me.uk>

Closes #4026 from rajinisivaram/MINOR-KIP-188-metrics-docs

Project: http://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/kafka/repo
Commit: http://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/kafka/commit/35c1be74
Tree: http://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/kafka/tree/35c1be74
Diff: http://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/kafka/diff/35c1be74

Branch: refs/heads/trunk
Commit: 35c1be74694745a4e5ee861b6340eb832a3ada34
Parents: cdb3955
Author: Rajini Sivaram <rajinisivaram@googlemail.com>
Authored: Wed Dec 20 13:37:42 2017 +0000
Committer: Ismael Juma <ismael@juma.me.uk>
Committed: Wed Dec 20 13:37:42 2017 +0000

 docs/ops.html | 50 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 50 insertions(+)

diff --git a/docs/ops.html b/docs/ops.html
index 92077df..8624746 100644
--- a/docs/ops.html
+++ b/docs/ops.html
@@ -700,6 +700,9 @@
   Kafka uses Yammer Metrics for metrics reporting in the server and Scala clients. The Java
clients use Kafka Metrics, a built-in metrics registry that minimizes transitive dependencies
pulled into client applications. Both expose metrics via JMX and can be configured to report
stats using pluggable stats reporters to hook up to your monitoring system.
+  All Kafka rate metrics have a corresponding cumulative count metric with suffix <code>-total</code>.
For example,
+  <code>records-consumed-rate</code> has a corresponding metric named <code>records-consumed-total</code>.
+  <p>
   The easiest way to see the available metrics is to fire up jconsole and point it at a running
kafka client or server; this will allow browsing all metrics with JMX.
   We do graphing and alerting on the following metrics:
@@ -725,6 +728,32 @@
+        <td>Error rate</td>
+        <td>kafka.network:type=RequestMetrics,name=ErrorsPerSec,request=([-.\w]+),error=([-.\w]+)</td>
+        <td>Number of errors in responses counted per-request-type, per-error-code.
If a response contains
+            multiple errors, all are counted. error=NONE indicates successful responses.</td>
+      </tr>
+      <tr>
+        <td>Request size in bytes</td>
+        <td>kafka.network:type=RequestMetrics,name=RequestBytes,request=([-.\w]+)</td>
+        <td>Size of requests for each request type.</td>
+      </tr>
+      <tr>
+        <td>Temporary memory size in bytes</td>
+        <td>kafka.network:type=RequestMetrics,name=TemporaryMemoryBytes,request={Produce|Fetch}</td>
+        <td>Temporary memory used for message format conversions and decompression.</td>
+      </tr>
+      <tr>
+        <td>Message conversion time</td>
+        <td>kafka.network:type=RequestMetrics,name=MessageConversionsTimeMs,request={Produce|Fetch}</td>
+        <td>Time in milliseconds spent on message format conversions.</td>
+      </tr>
+      <tr>
+        <td>Message conversion rate</td>
+        <td>kafka.server:type=BrokerTopicMetrics,name={Produce|Fetch}MessageConversionsPerSec,topic=([-.\w]+)</td>
+        <td>Number of records which required message format conversion.</td>
+      </tr>
+      <tr>
         <td>Byte out rate</td>
@@ -875,6 +904,17 @@
         <td>exempt-throttle-time indicates the percentage of time spent in broker network
and I/O threads to process requests
             that are exempt from throttling.</td>
+      <tr>
+        <td>ZooKeeper client request latency</td>
+        <td>kafka.server:type=ZooKeeperClientMetrics,name=ZooKeeperRequestLatencyMs</td>
+        <td>Latency in millseconds for ZooKeeper requests from broker.</td>
+      </tr>
+      <tr>
+        <td>ZooKeeper connection status</td>
+        <td>kafka.server:type=SessionExpireListener,name=SessionState</td>
+        <td>Connection status of broker's ZooKeeper session which may be one of
+            Disconnected|SyncConnected|AuthFailed|ConnectedReadOnly|SaslAuthenticated|Expired.</td>
+      </tr>
   <h4><a id="selector_monitoring" href="#selector_monitoring">Common monitoring
metrics for producer/consumer/connect/streams</a></h4>
@@ -963,6 +1003,16 @@
         <td>The current number of active connections.</td>
+      <tr>
+        <td>successful-authentication-rate</td>
+        <td>Connections that were successfully authenticated using SASL or SSL.</td>
+        <td>kafka.[producer|consumer|connect]:type=[producer|consumer|connect]-metrics,client-id=([-.\w]+)</td>
+      </tr>
+      <tr>
+        <td>failed-authentication-rate</td>
+        <td>Connections that failed authentication.</td>
+        <td>kafka.[producer|consumer|connect]:type=[producer|consumer|connect]-metrics,client-id=([-.\w]+)</td>
+      </tr>

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