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From gwens...@apache.org
Subject kafka git commit: KAFKA-4276: Add REST configuration in connector properties
Date Sun, 05 Mar 2017 18:21:14 GMT
Repository: kafka
Updated Branches:
  refs/heads/trunk 580bebe09 -> 3e69ef6e3

KAFKA-4276: Add REST configuration in connector properties

Addition of REST configuration in connect-distributed.properties config file
gwenshap ewencp - Please review.

Author: Akhilesh Naidu <akhilesh_naidu@persistent.com>

Reviewers: Gwen Shapira

Closes #2505 from akhilesh1194/JIRA_KAFKA-4276

Project: http://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/kafka/repo
Commit: http://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/kafka/commit/3e69ef6e
Tree: http://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/kafka/tree/3e69ef6e
Diff: http://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/kafka/diff/3e69ef6e

Branch: refs/heads/trunk
Commit: 3e69ef6e3c41a83bdec1e2a37073a6af2f44e2a2
Parents: 580bebe
Author: Akhilesh Naidu <akhilesh_naidu@persistent.com>
Authored: Sun Mar 5 10:21:04 2017 -0800
Committer: Gwen Shapira <cshapi@gmail.com>
Committed: Sun Mar 5 10:21:04 2017 -0800

 config/connect-distributed.properties | 11 ++++++++++-
 1 file changed, 10 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/config/connect-distributed.properties b/config/connect-distributed.properties
index 931b853..b0092bb 100644
--- a/config/connect-distributed.properties
+++ b/config/connect-distributed.properties
@@ -48,4 +48,13 @@ config.storage.topic=connect-configs
 # Flush much faster than normal, which is useful for testing/debugging
\ No newline at end of file
+# These are provided to inform the user about the presence of the REST host and port configs

+# Hostname & Port for the REST API to listen on. If this is set, it will bind to the
interface used to listen to requests.
+# The Hostname & Port that will be given out to other workers to connect to i.e. URLs
that are routable from other servers.

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