I like it.  Go for it.

On Wed, Nov 14, 2018 at 1:42 AM Shalitha Suranga <shalithasuranga@gmail.com> wrote:

How about adding these vars.What do you think? 

$ST{arg, start [,end] } - Sub string of a string. will be useful when dealing with fixed length things like getting fixed extension etc

$LN{arg, [,delimiter]} -  Character count of a string or if delimiter is given it splits and gives the element count instead. 

$PE{arg, regex, groupid } - Pattern Extractor.. this is useful when we need to match and get some matched regex groups. 
Eg: localhost:8080 get port value..
$PM is logical $PR will manipulate and $PE will return matched groups

These things came to mind when experimenting with svl module. Perhaps you may find some vars here are not very much useful in general scenario


Shalitha Suranga