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From Marcelo Souza Vieira <marcelosou...@gmail.com>
Subject Juneau + Springboot
Date Wed, 21 Nov 2018 01:25:08 GMT
Hello guys.

I am doing some tests to be able to work along with spring-boot.
I made some changes in the structure, I hope you are walking as you like.
One of the great features of spring-boot is to be very simple, with very
little code, so you can upload a server.
Thinking about this, I created the project "
In it will stay the entire integration configuration, avoiding whoever is
doing the integration, need to make the settings manually.
I created the "*EnabledJuneauIntegration*" annotation to enable and start
the settings.

I changed the project "*juneau-examples-rest-springboot*" to use this new
So when someone else does the integration, just add the annotation in this

*@EnabledJuneauIntegration (rootResources = RootResources.class)*

That all settings will work.

I was able to go up and call an Juneau endpoint. You're giving me some
trouble, but I still see it.

I'm taking a while, because I know little Juneau yet, so some configuration
mistakes, it takes a while to find.

It turned out that my branch is getting big, because as I am testing
things, to see if everything is going to turn out, it will end up getting
But I'm keeping the branch updated with the master in Juneau.

If you want to take a look, it's on the link.


Marcelo Vieira

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