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From Shalitha Suranga <shalithasura...@gmail.com>
Subject Adding more useful vars to svl-core
Date Wed, 14 Nov 2018 06:42:07 GMT

How about adding these vars.What do you think?

$ST{arg, start [,end] } - Sub string of a string. will be useful when
dealing with fixed length things like getting fixed extension etc

$LN{arg, [,delimiter]} -  Character count of a string or if delimiter is
given it splits and gives the element count instead.

$PE{arg, regex, groupid } - Pattern Extractor.. this is useful when we need
to match and get some matched regex groups.
Eg: localhost:8080 get port value..
$PM is logical $PR will manipulate and $PE will return matched groups

These things came to mind when experimenting with svl module. Perhaps you
may find some vars here are not very much useful in general scenario


*Shalitha Suranga*

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