Hi dev@streams,

Juneau released 7.2.1 this morning which resolved the bug that we needed fixed to upgrade.

I’ve opened a PR bumping Streams to use Juneau 7.2.1 and confirmed that the impacted unit and integration tests pass.

Please take a look and watch for a streams release candidate once I confirm that all integration tests pass.  There were some announcements related to google plus that may impact us.


On October 10, 2018 at 1:06:16 PM, sblackmon (sblackmon@apache.org) wrote:


I’m pretty close to having streams upgraded to use the recent juneau 7.2.0 release.  There's just one failing Integration Test left which james and I are collaborating on.

Once this is completed, I plan to propose a release candidate for 0.6.1.  If there are any improvements or bug fixes you’ve got ready, please consider pull requesting them this week.