Hello all,

The Apache Juneau team is proud to announce the release of Juneau 7.2.1.

Apache Juneau is...
  • A toolkit for marshalling POJOs to a variety of content types using a common framework.
  • A REST server API for creating Swagger-based self-documenting REST interfaces using POJOs.
  • A REST client API for interacting with REST interfaces using POJOs.
  • A remote proxy API built on top of REST.
  • A sophisticated INI config file API.
  • A REST microservice API that combines all the features above for creating lightweight standalone REST interfaces that start up in milliseconds.
The latest release adds support for defining Java interfaces that can be used for both server and client side REST interfaces.  It also fixes binary incompatibilities with Juneau 7.1.0.

The release is available here (don't forget to verify the signatures):

Release notes can be found here:

We welcome your help and feedback. For more information on the project and how to get involved, visit the project website at