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Subject svn commit: r1814573 - /jmeter/trunk/
Date Wed, 08 Nov 2017 12:55:00 GMT
Author: pmouawad
Date: Wed Nov  8 12:55:00 2017
New Revision: 1814573

Add github Contributing guidelines


Added: jmeter/trunk/
--- jmeter/trunk/ (added)
+++ jmeter/trunk/ Wed Nov  8 12:55:00 2017
@@ -0,0 +1,60 @@
+# How to contribute
+Want to show Apache JMeter some love? Help out by contributing!
+## :beetle: Found a bug?
+Log it in our bugzilla:
+* ** 
+* or send a note to the *user mailing list*. 
+Be sure to include all relevant information, like the versions of JMeter you’re using
as long as Java version. 
+A Test plan  that caused the issue as well as any error messages are also very helpful.
+## :question: Need help?
+Simply contact:
+* our user mailing list ** 
+* or ask question on [stackoverflow](
+## :bar_chart: What needs to be developed?
+## :star2: Have a patch?
+The best way to make sure your issue or feature is addressed is to submit a patch.
+We accept patches through: 
+* pull requests
+* patch attached to bugzilla.
+However, before sending a patch, please make sure that the following applies:
+* Your commit message is descriptive.
+* Your patch doesn't have useless merge commits.
+* Your coding style is similar to ours.
+* Your patch is 100% tested. JUnit are welcome. 
+* All tests checks pass (run `ant test`)
+* You understand that we're very grateful for your patch!
+## :heart: Adding something new?
+We do love to enhance Apache JMeter with you to become more powerful! 
+The best way to workout your idea is to discuss it first at our dev mailing list:
+Please, if you can, don't just throw us the code of a new feature; lets figure first together

+what would be the best approach regarding the current architecture and future plans, 
+before any development. 
+This way we all get sure that your idea is aligned with the codebase and you can enjoy 
+your happy coding even more :)
+## :closed_book: Want to write docs?
+Documentation is very valuable to us. 
+It is located in **xdocs** folder in XML format. 
+You can contribute as you would for code through patch or PR.

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