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Subject svn commit: r1303690 - in /jmeter/trunk/xdocs: changes.xml usermanual/component_reference.xml
Date Thu, 22 Mar 2012 08:52:54 GMT
Author: pmouawad
Date: Thu Mar 22 08:52:53 2012
New Revision: 1303690

Bug 50898 - IncludeController : NullPointerException loading script in non-GUI mode 
Added note on workaround and changed changes.xml comment


Modified: jmeter/trunk/xdocs/changes.xml
--- jmeter/trunk/xdocs/changes.xml (original)
+++ jmeter/trunk/xdocs/changes.xml Thu Mar 22 08:52:53 2012
@@ -42,8 +42,9 @@ Earlier changes are detailed in the <a h
 <h2>Known bugs</h2>
-The Include Controller has some problems in non-GUI mode (see Bugs 40671, 41286, 44973, 50898).

+The Include Controller has some problems in non-GUI mode (see Bug 50898). 
 In particular, it can cause a NullPointerException if there are two include controllers with
the same name.
+The workaround is to use different names for IncludeControllers
 <p>The Once Only controller behaves correctly under a Thread Group or Loop Controller,

Modified: jmeter/trunk/xdocs/usermanual/component_reference.xml
--- jmeter/trunk/xdocs/usermanual/component_reference.xml (original)
+++ jmeter/trunk/xdocs/usermanual/component_reference.xml Thu Mar 22 08:52:53 2012
@@ -2185,6 +2185,9 @@ This element does not support variables/
 However, if the property <b>includecontroller.prefix</b> is defined, 
 the contents are used to prefix the pathname.
+When using IncludeController and including the same JMX file, ensure you name the IncludeController
differently to avoid facing known issue 50898.
 If the file cannot be found at the location given by prefix+filename, then the controller
 attempts to open the fileName relative to the JMX launch directory (versions of JMeter after

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